About Us

Hello! πŸ‘‹

Welcome to the Website for Penguins Over Plastic 🐧

Started in August 2018 by myself (Charlotte) and my partner (Chris), we are a small Staffordshire-based seller of plastic-free toiletries. From shampoos and body wash, to a range of tooth-care, we’ve got what you need to start reducing your plastic usage in your everyday life πŸ›’πŸ›€

For us, the desire to start cutting back on our plastic usage began as it did for many others around the globe: when we saw the devastating effect our daily consumer habits are having on the environment in David Attenborough’s stunning & shocking documentary Blue Planet 2 🌍🌊

We couldn’t in good conscience keep on going the way we had. So that begged the question: where should we start?
We started to look at products we used every single day: if we took care of the basics, surely that would be a good place to begin. This is what led us to plastic-free toiletries.

And this is what we’ll be selling to you! Considering how much plastic there is in shampoo bottles, toothpaste tubes, mouthwash bottles & even toothbrushes themselves, using plastic-free alternatives is a really easy way to instantly cut down on your household plastics.

Many of the products we will be selling are things we’ve tried ourselves (& we’re working on the rest!)
The initial aim is to grow locally, selling at craft stalls and markets, but we hope to expand in the future: watch this space! πŸ‘€

Thank you for reading,
Chris and Charlotte 🐧